In the XXI century, not only students but also the market and selection processes require the greatest number of academic and professional qualifications to be more competitive and successfully access both the national and international labor market.

At American High School Europe, always eager to provide the best options and solutions to students needs, we have launched the renowned, prestigious American High School Dual Diploma, a quality, innovative program which will allow our students to obtain their certified US high school diploma from American High School at the same time as obtaining the national high school certificate in the country where they reside. Our students acquire the best levels of skills which will distinguish them from others and will help them face the current competitive globalized labor market.

As you will see in our web and catalogue, not only does the program offer the possibility of obtaining dual high school certification, it is also a unique experience in e-learning which encourages the practice of the English language through interaction with teachers and international students (thanks to AHS Lounge our meeting point for all American High School students) and provides the student with an ideal atmosphere for the development of their autonomy, skills, education and values, fundamental principles to reach great professional goals in the future.

Our main objective at American High School Europe is to prepare future university students for today world. Therefore, we have created this programme both for educational enrichment and as a differentiation tool which can aid university access not only in the USA, but all over the world.

Andrew Trevor Plumb
Program Director
American High School Europe


American High School offers an innovative e-learning program which, by employing new technologies in education, allows students to obtain their US High School Diploma from their home or educational centre. Therefore, the student will be able to interact at any moment, anywhere and on any electronic device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone) in a safe, English, international learning environment, making possible what would be unthinkable some years ago.

At American High School, the syllabus, structure and demands are kept intact as in a bricks and mortar American high school, with the difference being that there is no physical attendance to the educational centre on the part of the students.

The American High School Dual Diploma program allows students to obtain two different high school diplomas by carrying out studies simultaneously at two schools.

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