Grades 9-12 of the economy course consist of economic and geographic areas. The main content of the subject emphasizes the study of the concepts and processes of the economic systems both national and international. Likewise, it includes:

  • Currency and bank
  • Monetary policies
  • Fundamental concepts related to large-scale economic systems
  • Global market and economy
  • Main economic and economist theories
  • The role and influence of governments and tax  policy
  • Financial and investment markets and trade cycle
This subject consist of:
  1. Lesson 1: Fundamental economic concepts
  2. Lesson 2: Economic systems
  3. Lesson 3: Demand and supply
  4. Lesson 4: Markets, decision-making and market stucture
  1. Lesson 1: Employment, wages and labor
  2. Lesson 2: Sources of gobernment revenue and gobernment spending
  3. Lesson 3: Financial markets
  1. Lesson 1: Macroeconomics performance
  2. Lesson 2: Economic instability
  3. Lesson 3: Money, banking and the fed
  4. Lesson 4: Economic stabilization policies
  1. Lesson 1: International trade
  2. Lesson 2: Developing countries
  3. Lesson 3: Global economic challenges

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